Bread and Butter Pickle


Great Taste Award Winner 2017; 2-star

Bread and Butter Pickle is a traditional recipe that preserves a taste of summer. Cucumbers and onion are preserved in cider vinegar, sugar and a little spice to give a fresh crisp taste. I'm not quite sure why it's called Bread and Butter Pickle!

Roast Beetroot Relish


Great Taste Award Winner 2017; 1- star
The beetroot in this relish is roasted first to retain and intensify its earthy sweetness. Gently cooked with horseradish, tomatoes, red wine vinegar and sugar, the flavour is intense, sweet and delicious. It goes very well with cold meats.


Traditional Piccalilli.


Winner in the Great Taste Awards 2014; 1-star


Made with a range of tasty vegetables that maintain their crunch and flavour. The golden yellow colour is created using a freshly ground mix of spices and mustard, which gives it a vibrant flavour.

Email comment: 'Just a wee note of appreciation of your delicious piccalilli which we really enjoyed, no- devoured The best piccalilli ever! I look forward to visiting your stall again in Devizes, Best Wishes, Lorna'

Seville Orange Marmalade




The unmistakable taste of homemade seville orange marmalade; sweet, bitter and fabulous on toast.

Caramelised Red Onion


Slowly cooked onions delicious with sausages or with goat's cheese or brie 





Scotch Bonnet Chili Jam.


For those who like their chili jam hot, this is the one to choose. Scotch bonnet chilis and their seeds give this jam a fiery kick that isn't for the faint-hearted. It isn't all heat though. This rich red preserve contains garlic, red bell peppers and red wine vinegar to add depth of character


Email Comment 'Hi, I bought a jar of the scotch bonnet chilli jam this weekend and can honestly say it is the best product I have ever bought! My wife and I have almost finished it (rice cakes cream cheese and a spoon of the jam)' Benjamin Chamberlain



Real Ale Chutney


As well as real ale, this rich chutney is a flavour explosion as it contains a mix of root vegetables, fruit, dates and spices. It's perfect with some good cheese and crusty fresh bread



Chili Pepper Jam.

Packed with red bell peppers and Jalapeno chilis and ginger, this chili jam is full of flavour, with just a kick of heat. It is lovely with a stir fry, or on cheese on toast.

Smoky Chipotle Chili Jam

This unusual mix includes smoked chilies which add a smoky note to the flavour. This versatile chili jam complements barbequed food, burgers and can be used as a delicious dip 


Spiced Apple Chutney

A gently spiced combination of apples and dried fruits which makes an excellent accompaniment for a curry


Lemon Curd and Bramley Lemon Curd

Nothing beats the flavour of fresh homemade curds. They are made with Free range eggs, lemon juice and zest and butter. The traditional lemon curd is always a favourite, and Bramley lemon curd has bramley apple puree mixed through it which gives a soft tangy flavour.

'Luscious lemon curd is indeed wonderfully luscious! The scrummiest lemon curd I've ever tasted and certainly good enough to be served at the Queen's garden parties. Yum, yum, yum ...' Heather Thomas

Christmas Day Chutney


Back in stock September 2019

Spiced Apples are combined with cranberries for a delicious seasonal treat. great with cold meats. Also makes an excellent gift for your foodie friends and family.




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